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We Are No Cargo Agents. We Specialize In Pets Relocation Services

Our History

RF Pets Relocations was founded on 1 December 2009 (previously called “Rimbunan Fauna”). Our founder Jeff Leong used to keep fish, bird, dog and cat since at very young age and he chose to work in a few pet industry related companies after graduated. 

Jeff & Elizabeth, personally owns 2 dogs “Meow Meow (Poodle) – 10 yrs old and Casper (Chihuahua)- 7 yrs old” and a cat named “Ketingtong (DSH)” was a rescued kitten by one of our clients- Mrs Linda Shah that sent 4 cats to Australia.   
Due to his passion and work related experience in the pet related industry, he quickly realized that there is not much of experience pet relocation agency 10 to 15 years ago in Malaysia  to handle the live animals shipments, in his memory he is still remember that an adult imported German Shepherd dog was found dead arriving inside a small crate after 20 hours ++  journey and not even a water bottle and bowl is provided to the poor dog. 
The reason why we are here, we love animals and pets. We want to assist and provide solutions to all the pets’ parents reunited with their pets in a safer journey!

RF Pets

We have a retail chain of associated Professional Pets Groomer’s and Pets Salons that located around Klang valley area (Kuala Lumpur & Selangor), this will be very convenient for you on sending your’s fur kid over for grooming and pet necessity at a reasonable price too.

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